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Faculty Profiles

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Harold Lloyd

Associate Professor of Legal Analysis and Writing

Location: Worrell 3134


Exercising Best Practices, Exorcising Langdell: The Inseparability of Legal Theory, Practice and the Humanities

Volume 49, Issue 5 Wake Forest Law Review (Forthcoming)

Finding Wisdom in a Fractured World

Huffington Post (April 5, 2014)

Obamacare and the Self-Made Man

Huffington Post (March 26, 2014)

Crushing Animals and Crashing Funerals: The Semiotics of Free Expression

12 First Amendment Law Review 237 (Fall 2013)

Publish and Perish? Handling the Unreasonable Publication Agreement

13 Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law 127 (2013);1.5 Lindey On Entertainment, Publishing & the Arts § 15:18.50 (3d ed.)

Let's Skill All the Lawyers: Shakespearean Lessons in Law and Rhetoric

6 Acta Iuridica Olomucensia 9-64 (2011)

Let's Skill All the Lawyers: Shakespearean Lessons on the Nature of Law

11 Vera Lex 33-74 (2011)

A Right but Wrong Place: Righting and Rewriting Citizens United

56 South Dakota Law Review 219-237 (2011)

"Original" Means Old, "Original" Means New: An "Original" Look at What "Originalists" Do

67 National Lawyers Guild Review 135-55 (2010)

Communication & Expression: A Brief Semiotic Analysis

Constitutional Law in Context by Michael Kent Curtis et al. (Volume 2, 3rd ed.)

Plain Language Statutes: Plain Good Sense or Plain Nonsense?

78 Law Library Journal 683

Racine's Phèdre (Translator)

Molière's Tartuffe (Translator)

The Complete Palladas (Translator)