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Steve Nickles

C. C. Hope Chair in Law and Management

Phone: 336.758.4296
Email: snickles@wfu.edu
Location: Worrell 3301

Selected Publications


  • “Principles of Bankruptcy Law,” (with Epstein) (2007)
  • “Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy,” (3d ed. 2006) (with Scarberry, Klee, Newton)
  • “Bankruptcy (Including BAPCPA): 21st Century Debtor-Creditor Law,” (with Epstein, Markell, & Perris) (2d ed. 2006)
  • “Payments Law,” (with Matthews) (2005)
  • “Secured Debt Deals in the 21st Century,” (with Epstein & Smith) (2003)
  • “Debt -- Bankruptcy, Article 9 and Related Laws,” (with Epstein) (1994)
  • “Modern Commercial Paper: The New Law Of Negotiable Instruments,” (with Matheson & Adams) (1993)
  • “Negotiable Instruments and Check Collection,” (with Speidel) (1993)
  • “Treatise on the Law of Bankruptcy,” (three volumes) (with Epstein & White) (1992)
  • “Cases and Materials on the Uniform Commercial Code,” (with Epstein & Henning) (1988)
  • “Debtors And Creditors: Cases And Materials,” (with Epstein) (1987)
  • “Credit and Payment Systems,” (with Matheson & Dolan) (1987)
  • “Common Law and Equity under the Uniform Commercial Code,” (with Hillman & McDonnell) (1985)
  • “Consumer Law,” (with Epstein) (1981)