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Property Information

Property Type: Roommate
Address: Not Available
# of Bedrooms: Not Available
# of Bathrooms: Not Available
Air Conditioning: Not Available
Pets Allowed: Not Available
Smoking Allowed: Not Available
Price: Not Available
Distance from Campus: Not Available
Date Available: 7-24-2017
Brief Description: Hi! I am looking for a roommate to live with me in my townhouse. The house is fully furnished except for your (future) room. The room is quite large and you would have your own bathroom as well. I have a dog who is very friendly, you would have all the fun of having a pet without the responsibility.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Andrea M
Contact Phone: 703-332-9348
Contact Email:
Gender: Female
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Drinking: Drinker
Sleeping Habits: Wake Up Early
Study Habits: Study at School

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