Program Overview

The Carolina Externship allows you to spend 5 weeks in a “field placement” at a law firm or legal department for academic credit over the summer term. You and your supervising attorney will set goals at the beginning of the summer and work together to make sure you meet your objectives by the end of your placement experience.

Our online classroom portion will give you the opportunity to reflect on the skills you are developing and the professional you are becoming. You won’t have to do it alone either. Your classmates will contribute to your personal and professional reflections throughout the online portion of the course.

Program Features

  • 4 hours of pass/fail credit
  • Qualifies for experiential learning credit
  • If you complete this externship during Summer Session 1, you’ll have the rest of your summer open for another opportunity

Field Placement

The Carolina Externship requires 35 hours of work per week at your placement for at least 5 weeks, which typically occurs during Summer Session 1. Our students have practiced and placed in numerous areas of the profession, including in-house, small firms, public interest, and government law offices. Most of our placement relationships are in-house and many are located in the Charlotte area.

You may also secure a placement on your own and consult Professor Goodwin for approval. All placements must be supervised by an attorney.

During the externship, Professor Goodwin will check in periodically with your host organization to make sure that you are receiving assignments involving substantive legal work and getting feedback from your supervisor.

Program Director

Elizabeth Goodwin is the director of the Carolina Externship. As the program director, she will help you find a field placement that will meet your interests and passions. Throughout the externship, Professor Goodwin will check in with your host organization to make sure that you are receiving assignments involving substantive legal work as well as feedback from your supervisor.

The Course

Our online course will explore the issues and experiences that you encounter during your field placement and what you can expect to see in your future legal career. The course, which is taught online one night a week, begins with setting your goals and researching your placements. Other course topics include client relations, the business of law, networking and building your brand, and other professionalism topics. Personal and professional reflection is a major component of this course. In addition to writing a weekly reflection paper, you’ll engage with other students in the program no matter where they are pursuing their placement in the U.S.


  1. Complete the online application
  2. Email your resume and cover letter to Elizabeth Goodwin at with the subject line: Summer Externship - Your Last Name
    • In your cover letter, explain why you want to participate in the program and how doing so will contribute to your post-graduate career goals.
  3. You will be notified by email if you have been accepted into the program and how to proceed with the next steps in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I work?
A “field placement” is an unpaid internship or externship. You can either find your own placement or work with Professor Elizabeth Goodwin to find a placement that’s best for you. She will take into consideration your preferences, including type of law, setting, and geographic area; however, no guarantees can be made that all of your preferences will be met. Most of our placement relationships are at in-house settings and many are in the Charlotte area.
How many hours of credit do I receive?
You’ll receive 4 hours of pass/fail credit. This course qualifies for experiential learning credit. Work completed during the Carolina Externship is unpaid. You pay summer tuition. Summer tuition costs are finalized late during the spring semester. You can receive financial aid for this course.
What are the other requirements of the externship?
You’ll need to complete the following requirements:
  • Attend an online class session once a week during the externship’s 5-five week period.
  • Complete 35 hours of work per week for 5 weeks at your placement. This is preferably done during Summer Session 1.
  • Submit weekly reflection papers as well as other assigned classwork.