Sidney Shapiro

Sidney Shapiro

Frank U. Fletcher Chair in Administrative Law
Professor of Law

Sid Shapiro is one of the country's leading experts in administrative procedure and regulatory policy. He has written ten books, contributed chapters to seven additional books, authored or co-authored over fifty-five articles, and is currently working on a book on administrative expertise. Sid has been a consultant to government agencies and has testified before Congress on regulatory subjects. He is the Vice-President of the Center for Progressive Reform, a nonprofit research and educational organization of university-affiliated academics. Before coming to Wake Forest, Sid taught at the University of Kansas where he was a distinguished professor. Prior to teaching, Sid was a trial attorney with the Federal Trade Commission and Deputy Legal Counsel of the Secretary's Review Panel at the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. He and his wife Joyce have two adult children: Jeremy and Sarah. They continue to follow closely the Jayhawk basketball team.Read more »


  • JD, University of Pennsylvania, 1973
  • BS, University of Pennsylvania, 1970



  • Administrative Competence: Reimagining Administrative Law (Cambridge University Press) (with Elizabeth Fisher).
  • Regulatory Law and Policy: Cases and Materials (4th ed.) (Carolina Press) (with Joseph Tomaine).
  • Administrative Law and Procedure: A Problem Casebook (West Thomson Reuters 2014) (with William Funk, Russell Weaver).
  • Achieving Democracy: Pragmatism, Regulation, and Markets (Oxford University Press 2014).
  • Administrative Law and Process (Foundation Press 2014) (with Paul Verkuil, Richard Pierce).
  • The People's Agents and the Battle to Protect the American Public: Special Interests, Government, and Threats to Health, Safety, and the Environment (University of Chicago Press 2010).
  • Administrative Law and Process: Problems & Cases (4th ed.) (Thomson, West) (with William Funk, Russell Weaver).
  • Administrative Law and Process (Foundation Press 2008) (with Richard Pierce, Paul Verkuil).
  • Sophisticated Sabotage: The Intellectual Games That Industries Play to Subvert Responsible Regulation (ELI Press 2004).
  • Risk Regulation at Risk: Restoring a Pragmatic Approach (Stanford Press 2003).
  • Regulatory Law and Policy: Cases and Materials (LexisNexis 2003) (with Joseph Tomain).
  • Workers at Risk: The Failed Promise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Praeger Press 1993).

Book Chapters

  • Public Law and Climate Disasters: Occupational Health and Safety Law, in (Robert Verchick & Rosemary Lyster).
  • Chapter 15: Procedural Issues and Judicial Review, in Occupational Safety and Health Law (Gregory N. Dale & P. Matthew Shudtz 2014).
  • Les Mutations De La Procédure Adminsitrative Americaine, in Le Droit Américain dans pas pensée juridique francaise Contemporaire: Entre Américanophobie et Améicanophilie (Pascal Mbongo & Russell L. Weaver eds. 2013) (2013).
  • Depoliticizing Judicial Review in Administrative Law: Three Impossible Ways Forward, in Global Law and Administrative Review (Russel Weaver & Francois Lichere 2011).
  • The Necessity of Procedural Reform, in Beyond Environmental Law: Policy Proposals for a Better Environmental Future (David M. Driesen & Alyson C. Flournoy 2010).
  • Occupational Safety and Health, in Labor and Employment Law and Economics (Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Seth D. Harris & Orly Lobel 2009).
  • Transparency & Data Protection in the EU, in Administrative Law in the EU (George A. Bermann, Charles H. Koch, Jr. & James T. O'Reilly 2008).
  • Procedural Issues and Judicial Review, in Occupational Safety and Health Law 149 (Randy Rabinowitz 2008).
  • Peer Review in Regulatory Science, in Rescuing Science from Politics (Rena Steinzor & Wendy Wagner 2006).
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  • Regulatory Initiatives, in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice 1999-2000 (Jeffrey S. Lubbers 2001).
  • Regulatory Initiatives, in Developments in Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice 1998-1999 (Jeffrey S. Lubbers 2000).
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  • Regulatory Alternatives, in Blood Banking and Regulation: Procedures, Problems, and Alternatives (Edward Dauer 1996).




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Sidney Shapiro
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