Steve Nickles

Steve Nickles

C. C. Hope Chair in Law and Management
Professor of Law

Steve Nickles is recognized across the country as an outstanding scholar and teacher in the fields of business, commercial, and debtor-creditor law. He is the co-author of several casebooks and textbooks on these subjects and of a three-volume treatise on bankruptcy, which is used by lawyers. He is currently at work on two classroom books. In addition to his many published articles, Steve has frequently lectured in professional development programs for lawyers and judges and to law school faculties and academic meetings about the use of technology in teaching. For many years, he served as an advisor on academic technology to Thompson-West, the country's leading legal publisher, where he conceived and helped to develop TWEN (The West Educational Network), the only national, on-line course management system designed for legal education. Steve has previously taught at the University of Arkansas and the University of Minnesota, where he was a distinguished professor. Throughout most of his adult life, Steve has also worked and played in government and politics. He worked in Washington, D.C. for David H. Pryor when he was a United States Representative from Arkansas and later when Pryor served as a U.S. Senator. When Pryor was Governor of Arkansas, Steve served in several roles, including as an advisor on legislative policy and as director of the state-level office of budget and management.Read more »


  • JSD, Columbia Law School, 1980
  • LLM, Columbia Law School, 1977
  • MPA, University of Arkansas, 1975
  • JD, University of Arkansas, 1975
  • BA, University of Arkansas, 1971



  • The Unauthorized Practice of Law for Nonlawyers (West Academic 2018) (with Ellen Murphy).
  • Bankruptcy (Including BAPCPA): 21st Century Debtor-Creditor Law (2010) (with Epstein, Markell, Perris).
  • Payments Law and Commercial Paper (West American Casebook Series) (2009) (with Mary Beth Matthews).
  • Debtor-Creditor: Creditor Remedies and Debtor Rights Under State and Non-Bankruptcy Federal Law (West American Casebook Series) (2009) (with David Epstein).
  • Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy (2006) (with Scarberry, Klee, Newton).
  • Bankruptcy (Including BAPCPA): 21st Century Debtor-Creditor Law (2006) (with Epstein, Markell, Perris).
  • Debt -- Bankruptcy, Article 9 and Related Laws (1994) (with Epstein).
  • Modern Commercial Paper: The New Law Of Negotiable Instruments (1993) (with Matheson, Adams).
  • Treatise on the Law of Bankruptcy (three volumes) (1992).
  • Cases and Materials on the Uniform Commercial Code (1988) (with Epstein, Henning).
  • Debtors And Creditors: Cases And Materials (1987) (with Epstein).
  • Credit and Payment Systems (1987) (with Matheson, Dolan).
  • Common Law and Equity under the Uniform Commercial Code (1985) (with Hillman, McDonnell).
  • Consumer Law (1981) (with Epstein).

Book Chapters

  • Collaborative Legal Education, in The Learning Revolution (D. Oblinger & S. Rush eds. 1997).


  • Behavioral Effect of New Bankruptcy Law on Management and Lawyers: College of Recent Statutes and Cases Discouraging Chapter 11, 59 Arkansas Law Review 331 (2006).
  • "Deprizio Dead Yet? Birth, Wounding, and Another Attempt to Kill the Case, 22 1251 (2001).
  • Another Way of Thinking About Section 105(a) and Other Sources of Supplemental Law Under the Bankruptcy Code, 3 Chapman Law Review 7 (2000).
  • The National Review Commission's Section 365 Recommendations and the "Larger Conceptual Issues, 102 Dickinson Law Review 679 (1998).
  • Disgorgement of Fees Paid to a Professional Person in Bankruptcy, 102 Commercial Law Journal 380 (1997).
  • Symposium: Bankruptcy Reforms for the Bankruptcy Commission ­Consider Process before Substance, Commercial Law Consequences of the Bankruptcy System, 69 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 589 (1996).
  • Managing the Paper Trail: A Revised Filing System, 79 Minnesota Law Review 877 (1995).
  • Wedding Carlson and Schwartz: Understanding Secured Credit As a Fuzzy System, 80 Virginia Law Review 2233 (1994).
  • Tracing Proceeds to Attorneys' Pockets (and the Dilemma of Paying for Bankruptcy), 78 Minnesota Law Review 501 (1994).
  • Pawnbrokers, Police and Property Rights -- A Proposed Constitu­tional Balance, 47 Arkansas Law Review 793 (1994).
  • Amending the Article 9 Filing System to Meet Current Deficiencies, 59 Missouri Law Review 833 (1994).
  • Radical Reductionism in Debtor-Creditor Law, 39 Catholic University Law Review 765 (1990).
  • Setting Farmers Free: Righting the Unintended Anomaly of UCC Section 9-312(2), 71 Minnesota Law Review 1135 (1987).
  • Remedies for Enforcing U.C.C. Article 9 Security Interests Against Subordinate Secured Parties, 68 Iowa Law Review 217 (1983).
  • Enforcing Article 9 Security Interests against Subordinate Buyers of Collateral, 50 George Washington Law Review 511 (1982).
  • A Localized Treatise on Secured Transactions -- Part II: Creating Security Interests, 34 Arkansas Law Review 559 (1981).
  • Accessions and Accessories under Pre-Code Law and U.C.C. Article 9, 35 Arkansas Law Review 111 (1981).
  • Rethinking Some U.C.C. Article 9 Problems - Subrogation; Equita­ble Liens; Actual Knowledge; Waiver of Security Interests; Se­cured Party Liability for Conversion, 34 Arkansas Law Review 1 (1980).
  • A Localized Treatise on Secured Transactions -- Part I: Scope of Ar­ticle 9, 34 Arkansas Law Review 377 (1980).
  • State Action and Statutory Liens in Arkansas, 2 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review 369 (1979).
  • Creditors' Provisional Remedies and Debtors' Due Process Rights: Statutory Liens in Arkansas, 32 Arkansas Law Review 185 (1978).
  • Attachment and Garnishment in Arkansas, 31 Arkansas Law Review 607 (1978).
  • Problems of Sources of Law Relationships under the Uniform Commercial Code - Part II: The English Approach and a Solution to the Methodological Problem, 31 Arkansas Law Review 171 (1977).
  • Problems of Sources of Law Relationships under the Uniform Commercial Code - Part I: The Methodological Problem and the Civil Law Approach, 31 Arkansas Law Review 1 (1977).
  • Examining and Grading in American Law Schools, 30 Arkansas Law Review 11 (1977).


  • Principles of Bankruptcy Law (2007).
  • Payments Law (2005).
  • Secured Debt Deals in the 21st Century (2003).
  • Negotiable Instruments and Check Collection (1993).
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