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Wendy Parker

James A. Webster Professor of Public Law

Phone: 336.758.7322
Email: parkerwm@wfu.edu
Location: Worrell 3303

Selected Presentations

  • Twentieth Anniversary of the 1991 Civil Rights Act:  The Impact of the Jury Trial Right, Wake Forest University School of Law (November 2010).
  • Ricci v. DeStefano, SCOTUS Talks, Wake Forest University School of Law (February 2010).
  • The Story of Grutter v. Bollinger, Education Law Stories, University of Cincinnati Symposium (April 2008).
  • Affirmative Action:  Where Do We Go From Here?, The Future of Affirmative Action, University of Miami Symposium (February 2008).
  • Parents United v. Seattle, SCOTUS Talks, Wake Forest University School of Law (October 2007).
  • Valuing Integration (Still), Central High – Its History and Legacy: Can True Integration Be Achieved?, University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law Symposium (September 2007).
  • Desegregating Teachers, Remedies: Justice and the Bottom Line, AALS Annual Meeting Workshop (January 2006); Presentation to Duke University School of Law, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Discrimination Seminar (November 2006); Faculty Workshop, Wake Forest University School of Law (October 2006).
  • The Limits of Judicial Deference, Faculty Workshop, University of Colorado School of Law (August 2006).
  • Lessons in Losing: Employment Discrimination Litigation in Federal District Court, Faculty Workshop, American University, Washington College of Law (November 2004).
  • Re-arguing Brown v. Board of Education on Behalf of the Defendants, North Carolina Bar Association, Brown v. Board 50th Anniversary Celebration (May 2004).
  • What School Desegregation Teaches Affirmative Action, Faculty Workshop, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law (March 2003), University of San Diego School of Law (February 2003), and Wake Forest University School of Law (February 2003).
  • Dismantling Jim Crow, Television Panel, Cincinnati Public Broadcasting Station 48 (October 2002).
  • Reconsidering the Role of District Court Judges in School Desegregation, The Resegregation of Southern Schools, University of North Carolina Symposium (August 2002).
  • Reassessing Brown v. Board of Education, Student Workshop, University of Cincinnati College of Law (April 2002).
  • Lessons from Desegregating Colleges and Universities, Faculty Workshop, Case Western Reserve UniversitySchool of Law (March 2002).
  • Status Report on Affirmative Action Around the Country, Panel Moderator, Society of American Law Teachers Conference, University of Cincinnati College of Law (October 2001).
  • Lessons from Desegregating Higher Education, Faculty Workshop, University of Kansas School of Law (March 2001).