David Furr ('80, JD '82) Establishes Premier Scholarship at Wake Forest Law

David Furr

David Furr

For David Furr ('80, JD '82), the words Pro Humanitate have always been a guiding light. "I credit Wake Forest Law with much of my success," he says. "So it's only fitting for me to give to the school that has given me so much."

In that spirit, Furr has committed $2 million to establish the premier, endowed scholarship at Wake Forest University School of Law, the David M. Furr Law Scholarship.

"We are so grateful to David for this extraordinary gift to Wake Forest Law."Andrew Klein, Dean of the School of Law

"With the newly established David M. Furr Scholarship, we will not only continue to attract the best and brightest to the Law School, but we can provide deserving students with the funds they need to embark on their careers without financial burden," says Dean Andrew Klein. "David has long been a loyal friend and partner to Wake Forest Law, and this most recent gift demonstrates his incredible dedication to our students and our community."

Furr, a senior partner at Gray Layton Kersh Solomon Furr & Smith, PA, believes two things have defined his career: "Curiosity and the execution of that curiosity." It is that maxim that has underscored his rich and varied career trajectory. From working alongside Dale Earnhardt and NASCAR, to bringing Europe's leading consulting firm, CapGemini, to the US to work on bailout opportunities during the financial crisis, to facilitating Palo Alto Network's early rise, Furr has enjoyed it all. One prominent private equity CEO has called David the "consummate lawyer, investment banker, and savvy investor." In fact, he is currently involved with K2 Scientific, a leading provider of refrigerant technologies for vaccine and blood plasma storage, which he describes as "the most exciting thing I'll do in my career."

Furr credits Wake Forest for his interesting, winding journey. "I fell in love with the school," he says. "The diversity of people, the challenging classes. And one thing that sets Wake Forest Law apart is that we produce the best citizen-lawyers in the state and the country. You always know a Wake Forest lawyer when you meet them." He looks to his fellow alumni to think back on their years at Wake Forest Law and not only recognize that their current successes sprang from their time at the institution, but to act on that recognition—through their time, talent, or treasure.

The first in his family to attend college, Furr believes that "Wake Forest Law gave me something no one else in my family had." He wanted to give others that same opportunity. The David M. Furr Scholarship will be awarded to students on the basis of merit, as well as their intention to practice in the following areas of law: transactional, tax, mergers and acquisitions, business, intellectual property, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

"I wanted to create a legacy that would benefit students in the areas that make Wake Forest Law one of the top law schools in the country."David Furr ('80, JD '82)

Through the scholarship, Furr hopes to attract students who are leaders in these emerging fields. "We have to continue to be forward-thinking when it comes to the law and training future lawyers." The scholarship, which will follow recipients through their law school careers, will provide full tuition, fees, living expenses, book expenses, and summer stipends—essentially ensuring that Furr Scholars, as recipients will be known, will graduate from Wake Forest Law debt-free.

"We're humbled by David's generosity and thoughtfulness surrounding this gift that is going to provide the premier scholarship at the Law School," says Assistant Dean of Development Logan Roach. "What David has decided to do is Pro Humanitate in action, and we couldn't be more grateful. Although we have a relatively small alumni base, we have some of the most generous and dedicated alumni out there. David is a prime example of this. His legacy of support will help to carry the Law School into a new future."

David's philanthropy has manifested in other ways, as well. With a deep passion for wine, he is known for his wine tastings for charity, as well as his personal wine cellar, which is valued at over $1 million. When he passes, it will be liquidated, with some of the proceeds going to charity. "A great business deal starts with a great bottle of wine," says David.

The David M. Furr Scholarship is just Furr's latest generous contribution to Wake Forest Law. In 2018, he established an endowed scholarship, the "David and Pam Furr Law Scholarship," named in part for his late wife Pam. In 2012, Furr was also one of the lead donors to the Law School Commons renovation effort, which helped to transform Worrell Professional Center. The Law Commons Foyer is named for him. He also served on the Law Board of Visitors for 12 years, and has been serving in an advisory capacity since 1984 when then lead development officer Julius Corpening appointed him to the now defunct Law Alumni Council, as a young alumnus.

With his latest gift, Furr's lifetime giving is nearly $3 million—the grand majority of which has gone directly to students.

His passion for supporting students has been a constant throughout the years, whether through financial contributions, his service on the Board, hiring graduates, or even words of wisdom. When asked what advice he would give to Wake Forest Law students, he harkens back to his credo: dream big and execute on those dreams.

But being thankful goes hand in hand with dreaming big. "It's a privilege to practice law," Furr says. "And to be a good citizen-lawyer, you have to give back to your community and your cause—this is a necessity in order to have a fulfilled life. Opportunities have been given to each of us by someone else. It's our duty to pass forward that legacy."

Contribute to the David M. Furr Scholarship or learn about other ways to give to Wake Forest Law.

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